2020 is HERE! My Word of the Year!

New Year resolutions are so over the top for me. I work monthly on goals that I set (using my Bossed Up tracker at bossedup.org) and I am inspired now to think of a WORD for the year instead of a LONG laundry list of things I would “like to do”. 


The 2020 word for me is ACTION! 

2019 was a challenge (read my 2019 REVIEW, last post) 


However, I plan to bounce back better than I was before. I feel like I did ALOT of waiting on the side-lines last year and I want to be back in control of the things I have the power to change. 

I want to take action in every part of my life, graduate from my Doctoral Program, take control of my finances and start really SAVING money for the future. 

I plan to take more action in business and make Policy and Fashion LLC a REAL thing  and stop being scared and host my first solo event.

I have to admit I have suffered from analysis paralysis (over thinking everything and talking myself out of taking action) for too long and I know that it is time to face my fears, take the leap and actually DO all the things I have talked about for years. 

So cheers to 2020. New decade and sure to be one of the most eventful years on record! 


I am wearing the Plus Ruched Ruffle Trim Metallic PU Skirt (Search ID: 828286) from shein.com in a size 2XL. 

I paired this skirt with one of my fav sweatshirts from shopmsclothesmined.com


Shop shein.com and use code policyQ2 for $$ off your purchase! 


Cheers to an AMAZING YEAR! 




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