Smart and Savvy Shopping on

Ladies, you know I love the LOOK for LESS! I have gotten so much feedback asking for advice on how I shop on sites like Shein.


If you have not heard of, it’s an online store that has trendy and affordable fashion for all sizes. Any trend you can think about trying, has it. If you are looking for trendy fashion, but don’t want to break the bank, is the way to go.

However, it is a strategy on how to shop on this site! I want to share with you how I determine WHAT to order and HOW to style the looks.

I have worked with Shein and Plus Size Influencer program since Spring 2018. I have found items that I love and have included in my wardrobe rotation and some were a miss for me.

See my Top 4 tips below on how to shop on!


Take Note! Look at how the garment is constructed!

Does it stretch? Does it appear to be tight on the model? Does it have zippers or buttons? I look at all of this BEFORE making a decision if it will work for me. I know that my arms are larger at the top so I avoid items that appear tight in the arms and have no stretch in the material.

Look at the REVIEWS!

I look at the review for EVERYTHING! If there are too many negative reviews, opt out of ordering that item. If it did not work for a lot of people, it will likely not work for you either!

Know Your Measurements!

This is NOT the time to attempt to size down or not think realistically about what size you wear (smile)! I feel like I lost a few pounds in the past month, but I typically stick to a size 2x for all of my Shein items. I do know my measurements and know my hips are pretty wide and since I don’t like tight clothes, I stick to sizing up in all items.

Pair with more high-end or high quality items!

I always suggest pairing budget items with your more glam accessories. I never like the belts or necklaces that come with any outfit. I always like to select my own finishings. You can pair your designer belts or jewelry to elevate any look! I also like to layer looks to create more texture, adding a chic jacket or blazer can dress up a budget friendly look! Look like Saks 5th Ave on a Shein budget!



This Ruffle Hem Polka Dot Dress is the perfect example of dressing up a budget-friendly outfit. I traded out the belt that came with the dress for a striped black and white belt, this gave a whole new look to the dress because mixing prints is so on trend this season!

Adding a belt also helped in defining my waist in this look. I added a short leather jacket to make it suitable to wear in the Fall/Winter season. I got this dress in a size 2xl, which was a bit large, but with adding the belt you can’t tell!




Love this look? Check it out now on SEARCH 539014. Use code policy15 to get $$ off when you spend $59 or more at check out.

Wishing you Smart and Savvy Shopping in the New Year!





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