Owning your Happiness! Tips to Stay Happy in 2019!

2019 isn’t about NEW YEAR, NEW ME.

It’s all about being a BETTER version of you.


This year got off to a rough start as I thought all about the things I did not accomplish in 2018.

For a moment, I thought 2018 was a waste and was not at all hopeful about 2019.

I have come to realize not all the goals will be completed or “mastered” in one day or even a year!

I just finished Becoming by Michelle Obama and she reminds us that “only you are in control of your own happiness”  no one else can tell me what will “spark joy” in my life.


In 2019, I have committed to:

Extending Grace to myself (I am NOT perfect and I know I will make mistakes)

Being Kind to Me!– Practicing positive self talk everyday

Taking time out to connect with God each day and acknowledge the things that I am grateful for!

Scheduling time to do the things that makes me HAPPY, even if I have to do it alone! I love a good day at the museum or a fun dance class


What “sparks joy for you”?  How do you plan to take ownership of your happiness in 2019?! Share with us below!



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Cheers to a HAPPY and FASHIONABLE 2019!





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