Are you taking Your Yearly Performance Review Serious?

group interviewConstructive Feedback. Criticism. Upward Feedback. Areas of Growth. Are you Meeting Expectations?

These are all phases that are used in those lovely annual performance reviews we all have to participate each year.

Currently, in the organization I work for, the performance review period is open. It’s time for me to do my self-reflection on all the work I have done in the last six months. Whoa. Right that’s alot. My performance review asks two questions, what have a contributed to the workplace in line with the core principals of the organization and two things that I want to learn/improve it. Sounds simple, but not as simple as you think.

Make sure you DO NOT  blow off this opportunity to hype up/highlight the AMAZING work you are doing!

My first few performance reviews at my job, I did NOT take seriously. I just wrote anything, it sounded ok, but was not particularly specific or targeted in any way. I was doing GREAT work, but did not even share half of what I did in my review. 

This exactly what you should not do. I sold myself SHORT.

In many organizations, your performance review maybe the only time for you to have full attention of your boss and be taken seriously about the work that you do. This can be your time to ask for a raise, promotion or get the opportunity to ask about taking on additional assignments in your current role.

To sum it up. If you take your job seriously, take your performance review seriously also!
Policy and Fashion wants to share with you Two Tips on how to prepare year around for your performance review!interview_sm1-548x280

  1. Document- If you have worked on an amazing project that you are proud of, record it. Who, What, When, Where and How. Or think about using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to describe what you have done. Did you help someone outside your team or organization? See if they can put how much they LOVE you in writing. This will be helpful for you at anytime of the year to show to your boss, but it can work wonders for your Performance Review

  2. Reflect- If you know the typical performance review cycle for your job, plan in advance. Think about how you want your career to develop. Is there additional training/certification you want to earn? Are you interested in learning more about other departments in your organization? What do you see as your professional areas of growth? (your not perfect) Are there some actions or support that you need from your boss? (You should see them as a coach to support you) Think of ways to ask your supervisor for support/feedback on a consistent basis outside the performance review cycle. Don’t wait for one or two times a year to get feedback from your boss!

Remember people who are GREAT are not afraid to get feedback or criticism! The more you learn, the more you GROW!

Need additional resources about having those difficult conversations in a performance review  or how to prepare? Visit and for more information.

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