You are NOT Invincible! The Number ONE thing you MUST take Care of!

It’s YOU!  Even though we like think of ourselves as Wonder Woman, we need to take care of ourselves.

The September issue of Ebony Magazine, highlights the need for the Millennial woman of color to take care of themselves! While we maybe on top of our game in our careers, we seem to be lacking in the self-care department.

s48Our mental, physical and spiritual health is at risk. Nearly 5.5 million Americans are obese by the time they reach they’re early 30’s.

According to a recent study, millennials are more prone to depressive symptoms such as feeling overwhelmed and having trouble sleeping. People of color are even more at risk for these symptoms, as they report facing even more negative impacts from race related current events. Young Americans also report high levels of stress and have a hard time developing stress management strategies. Young Professionals, especially those of color have the mindset of “I have to grind harder to get ahead”, “I have to be better than the next person”,” I can’t get tired, I have moves to make”. These sayings, actually can have a negative affect on your wellbeing.

We all want to be the BEST, #1, The Girl Boss of the World, but in order to get there, you have to take care of YOURSELF!

s58Some Suggestions to Improving your Health!

  1. Develop stress management strategies; prayer/mediation, quiet time
  2. Workout, physical activity is KEY to wellness
  3. Get MORE sleep!
  4. Join a Faith Community! Connect to a higher being/source!
  5. Eat well! Putting good in, good comes out. Eating healthy foods will help you feel better!
  6. Find ways to RELAX! You work hard, allow your body to rest or spend time with your friends! (This does not mean drinking or smoking to unwind) this can cause greater issues than you have already.

Policy and Fashion Tips…

-Do not be afraid to seek professional help when your stress levels are too high. Most employers offer some type of Employee Assistance Program that will allow several sessions for stress management, grief counseling, debt management and even relationship/family counseling for little or no charge.

-Don’t be afraid to say no! As my mother would say, “If you don’t go this time, it will be other opportunities for you to go!” It’s ok to say no to friends when you are tired or genuinely do not want to go some where. Stop stretching yourself thin for other people!

nL-10Hope that this helps sheds some light on wellness and how to be a better, beautiful, more fabulous YOU!

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