In the New Crowd? The NUMBER ONE tip you need to build your Social Network in your Workplace!

picjumbo.com_HNCK3991Got the Promotion? Did you Move to a New Team or Department? New to the Company? Make sure you start out on the right foot and build a strong network!

I know that the relationships are a key element of any success you will have at work and in your personal life. My ability to effectively create and maintain relationships is the reason I was offered a promotion!

Knowing how to leverage your work relationships can send you to the next level!

As a result of my promotion, I am on a new brand new team!

chs-mainstreet2New team and New Relationships to build!

The Harvard Business Review covered this topic in, How to Build Your Social Ties at Work.   The number one tip that stood out for me, Be Authentic and Realistic. This is key in ALL aspects of life. If you act a certain way around one group of people and another way around others, people will never really know who YOU are. Be sincere in whatever that you do, when you say,”How Are You?” do you really show that you care about how they are? Or are you asking just to say you did? People can see beyond your fake act. Strive to build at least one strong relationship with someone in your workplace. This may take some time, but it is an attainable goal!

Tips for Small Talk

  1. Of course the Weather and Current Events go here. Can you believe all that rain from Hurricane Joaquin? How do they select hurricane names anyway?
  2. Asking co-workers about their life (without being intrusive of course)  home town, alma mater, or what neighborhood they live in now (who knows you could be neighbors) People LOVE to talk about themselves!
  3. Interests; Food/Restaurants and Travel. Especially during the summer months and holidays! If I see that a person has gone on vacation, when they return back to the office I always ask about their trip. If you want to travel to that destination someday, you can get tips from them or if you have traveled to the location before you both can share your experiences!

Doing these small tips on a consistent basis will build your Social Network in no time!

Business people meeting in conference room

Once the bond is strengthened you may see this person as a resource to learn more about the company culture and who know’s they may be able to connect you to others in the organization!

I hope that you find these tips useful!

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