Career Moves You NEED to Make before 30!

Me pic flowersI can honestly say I have been very blessed in my career. Since moving to Washington D.C., I have consistently had a job, sometimes two! I have been able to craft a career path that I am grateful for. I always seem to be the youngest person sitting at the table, but no one knows my age until I tell them. I have worked hard to become a mature, polished and professional woman. Each time I transitioned to a new job and was given more responsibilities, I had faith that I would be able to overcome any adversity or obstacle in my way.

I want other young professional women to feel the same way! I came across the article, 30 Smart Career Moves to make before 30 at The Honestly, this list hits a lot of the moves I have made in my career and I think everyone woman should adapt to launch their careers! I am well on my way to becoming a Six Figure Woman and you should be too!

See my list below of the TOP Smart Career Moves YOU need to make!

  1. NetworkingThink about the conversations you have with strangers about your job. You should be able to clearly articulate what YOU do within your organization. You go to work each day, you should be able to spit out what you do very well! I tell people I am the “Olivia Pope of Special Education” my current job works directly with attorneys and other stakeholders. This description of my job gets people every time!

  2. Job-HuntingCLEAN UP SOCIAL MEDIA! One thing about transitioning into the work world from college means you have to let some stuff go. Remove your drunken photos from undergrad and make your page private. I know some people have decided to have a “professional Facebook” and “personal Facebook” depending on your job, social media may mean a lot to your employer. I learned my lesson with Facebook when one of the parents of a student I was teaching saw a picture of me dancing in the club!

  3. InterviewingHave a strong handshake and Be Nice to EVERYONE! When you go on an interview remember that you are interviewing with the ENTIRE company. Not just the interviewer. The receptionist, the parking lot attendant and the janitor, everyone counts!

  4. Skill-BuildingLearn something new! Travel! I strongly believe in the power of being well-traveled. I studied abroad twice in undergrad and those were some of the MOST valuable experiences in my life. People who are well rounded travel! My experiences living in Cape Town, South Africa and Merida, Mexico give me talking points with people who I would not otherwise had obvious connections with!

  5. On-the-Job Moves- Make friends in high places, get out of your comfort zone and make mistakes. When I am new coming into an organization, I try to communication with a diverse group of people, beyond those that are on my team or in my department. It is always nice to have a full picture of the organization. Volunteer for a new project, even if you don’t have much experience in an area, you have to learn before you can become an expert! If you make a mistake, take responsibility for it and move on. NO ONE IS PERFECT!

  6. Salary BoostingSpeak Up! Like Drake says, Know Yourself, Know Your Wealth! To get that higher paying job, you must be able to articulate your worth to the company. Be able to clearly state your accomplishments. No one wants to pay someone who does not have anything to bring to the table. KNOWLEDGE+POSITIVE, QUALITY WORK PRODUCT=$$$

picjumbo.com_HNCK3991The Road to 30 has it’s curve balls. At 27, I am in a position that I would never thought and making more money than I have in LIFE! Although, money is not everything, it is the experiences that I had at my low-paying jobs that helped to shape me into the woman I have become today and will continue to prepare me to become a six-figure woman!

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