Fashion Find Friday! Fall Boot Collection

Fall Boot Collection
My favorite time of year has arrived! BOOT SEASON! I love the Fall season, seeing the leaves change colors and changing your wardrobe over to fit the chilly mornings and evenings.

One of the best things about living in Washington D.C. is that we actually have a Fall season (in Detroit its over in a blink of an eye) As a result, I take full advantage of it and sport my beautiful boot collection! In this post, I will highlight each boot height and pair them with stylish outfit inspirations!

The Ankle Boot

So verastile and stylish! What I love the most about the ankle boot is that it can be worn with most pants, dresses and skirts and dressed up or down. Pair the ankle boot with midi-dresses, skinny jeans and even leggings! Check out the pictures above with great  ankle boots options!

The Mid-Calf Boot

The mid-calf boot is currently a part of many Fall Fashion collections. The combat boot is at the front of the mid-calf pack. This look can be great for casual events on the weekend to wear with your skirts or skinny jeans, but if you are looking for a versatile look, this is not it. This is great for the weekend, not so much the office.

The Knee Boot and Over the Knee Boot

I LOVE knee boots! I will say that it can often be a struggle to fit my wide calf 😦 Knee boots are perfect for dresses and skirts at work and over the knee-boots are great for the weekends and those nights out of the town! I like to have a range of knee boots, those that are flat or with a small heel or wedge (great for the office or when you are on the go) and the knee boots with a high heel 3.5 inches and up. Make sure that you find boots that can withstand the wear and tear of the season, including rain and snow. When possible find a genuine leather boot, with proper care, i.e shoe polish/conditioner they are sure to get you through the entire season. The low heel knee boot is the most versatile of all the boot heights in my opinion and I have multiple pairs in all the basic colors (black, tan and dark brown) to get me through the season! I love to pair these with multiple color tights in the colder months.

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