Style Spotlight: What you NEED to build your Summer Professional Wardrobe!

Summer Interview Lookbook
As we say HELLO to the month of June, Policy and Fashion would be starting a weekly Style Spotlight on Chic Summer Career Wear. Temperatures have been in the 90’s for the last seven days in D.C., but the heat should not stop you from looking professional and polished each day. This first post gives you ideas on what to wear to your next job interview this Summer! Interviews in the Summer can be challenging, but think of adding a touch of color or prints into your power outfit!
Always interview with a fashionable flair!
Tip for the Day: Even when it is hot outside, wear a blazer or cardigan to your interview, sleeveless shirts and dresses are fine with some sort of jacket. Your arms should not be exposed, it is a sign of casual attire.
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As always, if you are having a fashion dilemma or need career advice, feel free to email, we would LOVE to help!

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