I wanna be SUCCESSFUL! But what does that really mean?

Success is a word that carries so much power. Everyone has a different definition of what it means. As a woman in my mid/late 20’s, I feel like I have a conversation with myself weekly about where I am currently and where I thought I would be by now. In the words of Drake, “I just wanna be successful” But what does that really mean?

The May 2015 of Glamour Magazine touched on the subject of Success. When surveying some of their readers, many also feel that pressure to be successful. 64% of women surveyed say it is  “very important to them to be successful”. When discussing the road to success, 78% of women under 30 say that they feel stressed out about success and say they feel a lot of pressure to make something of themselves. Lastly, women do not see success as FUN, 55% of women believe being successful is “very stressful” or “high pressure”.

The question is what is the source of the pressure? Why are we rushing through life to get to something that isn’t fun?

I know for myself, I can get caught up in the realm of social media, comparing myself to folks I went to high school with or partied with in undergrad. Comparing your life to others will always leave you sad, disappointed with a feeling of failure!

I see success as BELIEVING in myself, my family being proud of me (even though my mother does not understand what I want to really do with my life), helping others and looking FABULOUS while doing it.

Policy and Fashion’s Four Tips for SuccessEric Thomas Success Quote

1. Set realistic goals to get to what you want

2. GET up when you fall

3.  Look at your crew of friends -Surround yourself with positive people who encourage and challenge YOU.

Someone told me “if you are the Beyonce in your group, you need to find another group to be a part of”

4. There will always be haters, let them motivate you, not get you down. Keep striving to be GREAT!

Need a little motivation? Check out Eric Thomas at etinspires.com he is also on youtube.com his channel is etthehiphoppreacher.

How do you define SUCCESS? What does SUCCESS mean to you? What are your tips to achieve SUCCESS? Comment below, I would LOVE to hear from you!

As always, if you are having a fashion dilemma that needs to be solved or career advice? policy and fashion can help!

Contact us at policyandfashion@gmail.com

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