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The weather is gorgeous this weekend and I love being out and about in the sunshine! Sunday’s are usually low key for me, church and brunch or church and studying. Today was no different! I am subscribed to Gwynnie Bee, an online clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. Once you subscribe, you get to build an online closet of the items you think are cute! My subscription plan allows me to receive 2 items at a time out of my closet. They also offer free returns (they send you a bag with paid postage) and they send all items to you on 2-day shipping.

This service is perfect for the woman whose weight may be fluctuating and you cannot afford/do not want to buy new clothes or people like me who never like to wear the same thing twice! This service is especially great for clothes to wear to church and to work, but they also have a nice collection of special occasion items, dresses to wear to weddings, graduations, etc. I get so excited about getting new items in the mail! I really wanted to share this service with my readers because so many women are struggling with being chic and professional on a budget! If you are thinking about size, most items that I receive fit spot on! Some items have been a little large, but nothing that a stylish belt around the middle can’t fix.

I wore this Taylor dress to church today and I received so many compliments! This made me realize I need to share this service  with you all! I ADORE Taylor dresses, I usually see them at Nordstrom Rack all the time, but they are still a little pricy and most times they don’t have my size 😦 This dress was a little large on top, but fit just right on the bottom. I used a skinny belt from Forever 21 to solve that problem! I was going for the vintage theme today with my polka dot head band and peep-toe  slingback shoes!

I encourage you to check out the website! I signed up randomly and got three months free! Email me at if you would like the link to get the first month FREE at Gwynnie Bee!  Happy Shopping!

Taylor Dress
Taylor Stripe Pleated Dress

Dress-Taylor Dresses via

Headband- Forever 21

Belt-Forever 21

Handbag- H & M

Sunglasses- H & M


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