4 Ways You Can Be as BadAss as Olivia Pope at Work!

Hello! I will be starting a new segment to my blog, Working Women Wednesdays! It will focus on the challenges and triumphs of women in the workplace.

Olivia Pope, THE FIXER!

I must say that I am quite the SCANDAL fan! Even though the season finale was just last week, I am already going through a withdrawal phase! One of the amazing parts of Scandal is having Kerry Washington play such a strong, businesswomen and FIXER! Kerry plays the role with style and grace, but what’s even more amazing is how her character is strong, but does not hold that “Angry Black Woman” stereotype. As a young black professional, not a day passes where I second guess myself on if I am being too assertive and if I am seen as “Bitchy” for a lack of a better term. (Shoulder Shrug) channelling our inner gladiator could help us women at work!

1. Be Decisive! Olivia ALWAYS knows what she wants, in her professional life at least..

Know your stuff! Be short, sweet and to the point.  Be able to make a decision! Be able to say, YES OR NO! Maybe is not always an option. I am still working on this one, when you are long-winded we can often contradict ourselves.

2. Stand Firm on Beliefs! BE A GLADIATOR!

Stand up for what you believe in! There have been several times where I did not stand up for the “right thing” while at work, because I was too scared to do so.  In each instance,  it negatively affected the organization I worked for. I regret it! Keep your morals and beliefs at work, operate with integrity each day.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Have a BIG IDEA! Olivia wanted to kill COMMAND! Many thought she was crazy

On the job, volunteer for a project that your boss may need help with that where your skill set could be helpful. Or, share with your boss an idea you may have that could improve your teams work flow or increase your organizations impact on an issue.

4. Be FAIR! In Scandal terms, wear the White Hat!

We all need to be aware of our own mental modes, biases or stereotypes that we take with us in every situation. Stop and check yourself! Stop assuming things about others, your co-workers, boss, and clients. Be sure to give people a FAIR shot and call out others on your team when you see that they are judging or talking negatively about others.

Olivia Pope is seen as BAD ASS to men and women because, she does not let others intimidate her! Its not about having an attitude problem or “angry”, its about being passionate about our careers, being fair, knowing your stuff and looking good while doing it! 


As always, if you are having a fashion dilemma that needs to be solved or a career advice? We can help! please contact us at policyandfashion@gmail.com

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