Why You Need to Build a Career Dream Team!

The most successful businesses have an amazingly talented executive board and you should too!

Today’s Working Women Wednesday is all about building a Dream Team to support you as you Build Your Career.

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Aliza Licht, author and PR powerhouse for DKNY.  Her book is, Leave Your Mark, Land Your Dream Job. Kill it in Your Career. Rock Social Media.  Although, I am still reading the book, I have been blown away by the numerous nuggets of wisdom she has dropped in the book and I am only on Chapter 4!

Aliza’s insider tip: Find a mentor orLeave+Your+Mark+Hi+Res career angel to build a strategic and meaningful professional relationship with. 

How are you building your professional brand? Do you have a mentor or career angel that helped you though your career?

Personally, I have a small group of former supervisors or advisers that I still keep in touch with. Some have been “career angels” assisting me when my organization was downsizing or when I wanted to change career paths. They reached out to their personal and professional networks on my behalf and I was able to find new career opportunities as a result. Folks from my Career Dream Team  also wrote my letters of recommendation when I applied to grad school!

It is critical that you not only create these mentor relationships, but you also maintain them. Aliza states in her book that you always need to keep your mentors in the loop to know what you are doing. They can also assist you in brainstorming about new career move as well!

Keep in touch with your Career Dream Team regularly! You don’t want to pop up only when you need something from them! When your Career Angels help you, let them know when you got the job they assisted you in applying to or when you get into grad school with the reference letter they wrote for you.

Bottom Line, you should always be looking to build authentic relationships and mentorships with those who believe in YOU and can take your CAREER to the next level!

P.S. You should definitely get Aliza’s Book, Leave Your Mark!  

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