So.. I took a trip during Coronavirus! What you should know about traveling during COVID-19!

Traveling during the COVID-19 outbreak seems taboo for many people, but I decided to take a chance and go to Miami! 

Ya’ll..My corona-cation was AMAZING! 

Yes, Florida is a “hot spot” on the COVID-19 outbreak map, but I was longing for the sun and water and decided to take the leap! 

Plus I got a non-stop round trip ticket for $54! 

Who could beat that!!?!?

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Details on the trip: 

I visited Miami during the week we took a Monday-Wednesday trip! It was definitely less people I have never seen in Miami before in comparison to my other visits! The streets and beach were relatively quiet (keep in mind, I did NOT travel during the weekend) 

During the week that I was there, Miami-Dade county was on a 10pm curfew. Most clothing stores (Zara, H & M, etc) closed at 7pm, the beach closed at 8pm and all restaurants and stores had to close by 10pm. (I did not see a nightclub open the whole time I was there, however it was the weekend)

I flew American airlines from BWI to Miami, My friend and I found a ticket in April for $54 and decided to go for it! Please note, American is NOT guaranteeing that the middle seat won’t be occupied like other airlines. I was assigned the middle seat, but when no one boarded to sit in the aisle seat, I switched before take off! There is no traditional food and drink service on board. When we boarded, we were given bags with a small water, a hand wipe, and a Biscoff cookie. I didn’t take off my mask to eat or drink for the duration of the flight (I suggest you don’t either, I was on a pretty packed flight)

Hotel stay:

We stayed at The Angler’s hotel blocks away from the beach and shops on Collins and Ocean Dr. ! 

Hotel stays are SOOO different during COVID! There was NO room service or housekeeping service for our entire stay. We called for towels when we needed them and they were brought up to our room in a tied plastic bag. We had to place trash outside the door and were responsible for maintaining the cleanliness in our room during the stay. 

The hotel rooftop pool was open, however no food or drink service was available during the week (they are only open on Friday and Saturday). The hotel did not seem like they were near capacity at all, they kept with waiting at check-in to a minimum and had very few indoor common spaces for folks to sit! I saw a few groups of three or so people the whole time I was there and for the most part was the ONLY person at the rooftop pool each morning. 

Travel tips:


Know if there is a curfew where you are visiting. We were a bit bummed out because we were not aware of that before we came, DC hasn’t been on a curfew in months so we felt a bit constricted. 


This was NOT the typical “party”/” turn up” Miami trip!  This was more of a rest and relaxation trip, we spent most of the day at the beach or at the rooftop pool and checking out all the AMAZING sales at the stores on Collins! (EVERYTHING WAS ON SALE) Some exhibits/attractions are NOT open. We visited Wynwood on the last day of our trip and the Wynwood walls exhibit/space was not open. Some businesses were closed or had modified hours.


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My friend and I bought our own Lysol, Clorox wipes, and gloves for the trip. Wipe down your luggage after picking it up from baggage claim and after the uber driver touches it when you get to your hotel. 

 You have to clean your own room so come prepared! We sprayed down our beds and everything in the bathroom when we first arrived! Plus we wiped down shared surfaces daily!

 Bring small hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes for your hands and use them often, getting in and out of ubers, leaving stores, etc! 


Just like at home, take a cloth mask for each day, you will be sweating since you will be outside for most of your time. Change out your masks just like you would at home! Your skin will thank you! No one needs maskine! P.S. I wore a N95 mask on for the flight


Expect to eat outside, have less check-ins from your server and possibly ordering through your phone with an online menu.

Tip your servers well! They are at work ALL day in a mask, thank them for their customer service. 


Some people still don’t think COVID-19 is real and they may not keep their distance! After we left the beach, it was crowds of people surrounding the outdoor shower and foot washing station (which you had to touch to turn on) WE SKIPPED THAT and went back to the hotel with sand on our feet! We know that in close proximity is where the virus can travel quickly!  

Lastly, pack your PATIENCE and have FUN! It was fun to get away from D.C. for a few days and wear some of the many swimsuits and Summer outfits I had hanging in my closet with tags on! Wherever you travel, please check your state’s travel requirements (per D.C. rules, I had to self-quarantine for 14 days after return from Florida). 

After reading all of this, would you take a Summer getaway? If so, where? Share in the comments below!

Wherever you decide to travel, be safe!



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  1. I did travel to Atlanta about a week ago but did not go out but to pick up food. I flew on American Airlines and the plane was packed. I did the same you did wipe down the suitcase, had hand sanitizer. I was staying with a friend so that was fine. I did like I do at hone in New Jersey there. Also, I had to quarantine for 14 days after going to a hot spot. I would travel again during this time. Maybe not as often as I did but I would do it again. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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