Self-Love is the BEST Love

It’s almost valentine’s day, the day of love, the day to be with BAE, etc..


Women spend so much time trying to support other people,  take care of others, make sure friends and family are happy, ensure BAE feels “loved”…….


If anything, we should reflect on ALL the things that makes us happy this month and throughout the entire year! Take yourself out to dinner, cook your favorite meal, dress up and go out! Do whatever makes you happy!





I LOVE dressing up even when I am not going anywhere! This Split Hem Belted Blazer and Palazzo Pants Set from SHE IN (Search ID: 607827) can be dressed up or down depending on your event! I got this look in a size 2XL and paired with a lace bralette. It is most definitely  Sexy and Classy. Love this Look? Use code policy15 at checkout when you spend $59 or more on plus-size looks at!

Need ideas for your self-care plan? See some below!

Take time out to journal, meditate, pray to center yourself

Look into starting a new hobby

Read a book

Call a friend you haven’t heard from in awhile

Light a candle and listen to some music

Take a walk or try that new fitness class

OR… Do NOTHING! In an age where people are promoting TEAM NO SLEEP, getting rest and taking the weekend off to do absolutely nothing is TOTALLY OK!

Love Yourself or nobody will….





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