Santa’s Little Helper- Five Tips to Stay Stress Free When Shopping this Holiday Season!

The holiday season is here! I love the beautiful decorations around town and the sounds of Christmas music playing in the stores! I am December baby so I see the whole month as a celebration of love and life!


I enjoy spending time with my friends and family over the holiday season however, it can be super stressful to find the PERFECT gift for each of them! That is why I want to share 5 tips to stay stress-FREE when shopping for your loved ones this holiday season.


  1. Make a List! I have a core group of friends who I always exchange gifts with, some have kids, some are married. The main point, make a list of ALL people you will need to purchase gifts for and when you think that you will exchange gifts with them. Some of my friends/family I may not see until after Christmas (this will help you with the next step.)
  2. Make a Budget! This is one B word I HATE! However, for the holiday I have to keep some type of budget or I will get to New Years Eve broke as a joke! I live in DC, but my family is in Michigan. I have to plan to go home because plane tickets can be so expensive around the holiday season! My boyfriend and I typically set a limit on how much we plan to spend on each other. I typically set a price range for all people on my list that I plan to spend.
  3. Ask for Help! You are not a psychic! Sometimes you really don’t know what to get someone. It’s ok to request from friends and family 3-4 things they would like so that you have an idea of what to get! Amazon Wish Lists are amazing! I use them throughout the year for my friend and her kiddos so I know that I am purchasing something they ACTUALLY REALLY WANT.
  4. Let GO of Gift Cards- Yes gift cards are free money for the receiver, but it may not be the best gift for everyone. I actually think I end up spending more money purchasing gift cards than really taking time out to think about what the person would like and purchasing a tangible gift. Plus every year, I know someone who has lost the gift card (threw it away by mistake) or ends up re-gifting it when they have forgotten to purchase a gift for someone and need a something to give in a pinch!
  5. Get what you know they like!- If you are always around a person, living or traveling with them often, take note of the products they use on a daily basis. Never hesitate to purchase someone a major staple in their daily routine. Boutique soaps, fragrances, skin care, or deodorant are good options for gifts. It will save them money later in the year because you helped them stock up! My mother uses a deodorant that can only be ordered online, during the holiday the company runs a buy one get two free special. This is a great gift option because she can start of the year with items in reserve.




I can’t wait to be one of Santa’s little helpers! You have to make sure you look the part for the next holiday event! Shein sponsored this look holiday glam look! I am wearing the Plus Plunge Neck Wrap Velvet Dress (Search ID: 580316) in a size 1xl, be sure to size up if you would like a more conservative fit. Love this look? Use code BF181044 for all items at!


Happy Shopping!




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