The Glamorous Life, Things I Learned before I turned 30!

I am less than one month way from turning 30! While I am not where I want to be, I am grateful for seeing another year! Turning 30 is kind of a big deal and I know many people who did not get to see this day. Adulting is HARD and this past few years have been series of ups and downs, but I am here to say I am still standing.


In this weeks post, I want to share 3 things I learned before 30!

  1. POSITIVE THINKING IS KEY- I have learned in my late 20s that I cannot be around negative things or people. It literally DRAINS me! Negativity can rub off so quickly and change your mindset in the worst way. I have learned to train my thoughts to be nicer to myself. Thinking good things about myself and other people helps to put good vibes into the world.
  2. YOU ARE ENOUGH!- Comparisons to other people kills your spirit. When in doubt, I remind myself that God’s grace is sufficient and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. You have to work to build yourself up because the world may not be kind to you and may not believe in your talents.
  3. GET YOUR LIFE ORGANIZED AND PRIORITIZE!- Being busy is nice, but living a purposeful life is even better! I work full-time, in the final stages of completing  my doctoral degree, working to expand my brand, and building partnerships with other amazing women. Not to mention, I am a daughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend to many. It takes a lot of work to figure out how to spend time doing these things and practice #self-care. Staying organized, using a paper planner or your phone helps me to stay organized with your time so you know where you are supposed to be and when. Most importantly, learning to say NO is a lifesaver! Let go of guilt when you can’t make every event or take on every partnership!


Of course fashion is still such a big part of my life! SHEIN sponsored my look for my pre-birthday glam photoshoot with Beyond Photos LLC. I am wearing the Sequin T-Shirt (search id: 587861) it’S the perfect look for my birthday theme, “The Glamorous Life”. It’s a great match for a quick glam look,  for the many upcoming holiday parties or nights out on the town!


What are some of the things you learned this year? 



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