Mean Girls at Work? Two tips you need to SURVIVE the Drama and Empower Women

So its inevitable right? Not every one will be nice to you. It happens to the best of us, people being mean to you for no reason? Make sure you always take the HIGH road.


  1. Fight the Hate/Negativity with Kindness. I know this one is hard. Even when people are mean to you, still be POLITE. People should not make you change your character because they have a negative attitude. People in the office know about those hard to work with people, show them that you can handle them with style and grace!
  2. Stay BUSY! Beware of those coworkers who love to gossip! People sometimes love to spread negativity. A  former coworker that I went to lunch with often, always complained about work! I realized that I started to internalize her issues with the workplace, so much that I started hating work as well! I understood that I had to keep my distance from her and stay BUSY on other tasks for work. Don’t give your time to  anyone who brings you down. Stay busy with your own work.

Overall, We MUST stop and have a greater conversation with ourselves….

STOP HATING ON OTHER WOMEN!1b59d80fef9198026334c1a8403f09fe

I see many women that are mean to other women in the workplace!

First, we must LOVE ourselves for who we are! Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparing can lead to jealously and hate.

As women, we have to make sure that we are uplifting each other in the work environment. Shout out women who are doing amazing work. Complement each other when we look nice. Say Hello to each other in the hallway.

There is no need to be jealous of others. It’s more than enough issues in this world for women to solve and room for all women in the workplace to be great!

Acknowledge the GREATNESS in others!


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