Take a Vacation or DIE! Why I needed my trip to Paradise!

I didn’t realize the importance of work/life balance until about 2 weeks ago. I was transitioning to a new job, jumping through a million hoops to buy a new car, finishing my second semester in my doctoral program and barely staying afloat. I was sleeping less than 4 hours a night and still feeling behind in all aspects of my life.19362cab5df89575001191be6292e678

I never thought of myself as an “workaholic” and I still don’t see myself as one, but I do see that I am sort of a perfectionist. I want everything to be done right and I HATE to make mistakes at work. I think this is partially due to my age and often being the youngest person in my workplace. I feel that I am in position where I have to work harder than most. I recently received a great promotion at work, while I am grateful for the opportunity, it reignites my fears about my age and having to exceed expectations to prove myself to others.

My boyfriend and I planned a vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica in April of this year. By the time it was time to take the trip last week, I felt like I didn’t deserve to go. It was too many people at work that needed me. Too many parents and attorneys that needed my quick response to THEIR problems.

Finally, my mother said to me, ” Are you the Chancellor of the school system? everything will be just fine, Go on your vacation honey!” That comment ended my debate with myself. I was going to go on my vacation and enjoy my time AWAY from work!

IMG_7157This was my boyfriend’s first time out of the country and I was so happy that we were able to experience PARADISE together! I do not consider myself a world traveler, but I have a few international trips under my belt.

To those that struggle with tug of war with work/life balance, just know that you are not alone. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Regardless if you are the ASSISTANT or the CEO you DESERVE IT! Vacations help you to detox, reset and recenter yourself. You come back refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges at work!

P1480217Stay Tuned to my blog as I will be sharing more about my trip to PARADISE in the coming days! I had an amazing time and cannot wait for our next international vacation!

Do you have tips on how you create balance in your life? Comment below to share with our readers.

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