Do you SUCK at your JOB?

I have recently fallen in LOVE with Periscope! I stumbled upon Young Hustlers with Jarrod Glandt and Grant Cardone yesterday! They gave an amazing talk about how to NOT suck on your job.

hustle quote 2Below are my main takeaways from the talk..

  1. Be Honest with yourself: Where are you in life and what are you doing with your life? Are you living up to your future? Are you working like you are in your dream job, even when you don’t? Are you working to your full potential?
  2. Are you connected to your goals? You should be able to write down or say your goals on the spot.

This talk really had me focus in on my current performance at work. I see myself at a Top Producer, defined by Jarrod as not operating at my potential, but operating higher than those around me.  It was like a slap in the face/wake up call.

To be honest, my job is in a reorganizing phase and many people on my team are checked out. As a result, I have been slacking, not staying focused consistently and not showing up to work on time or early. All of this means I have not been working to my true potential. I am giving at best 80%, when I should be giving 110%. Jarrod shares that we all should strive to be a unicorn, someone who is focused on their potential,always wants more out of life and is constantly working to improve.

What about you? Can you be HONEST with yourself and say that you SUCK at your job? What are you struggling in at work? Listen to the replay of the radio talk here to get more insight into how improve your work ethic at work!

Want more info? Young Hustlers Webpage They host a talk radio show every Thursday at 1pm.

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