#Do Something Different

Me on the Trail

This past weekend my boyfriend’s mother was in town and he came up with this great idea to go…HIKING. Yeah I know right, Black People hiking is not what you see everyday. I was apprehensive at first, but did not want to seem like a DIVA so I told him I would be down to go. This hike was not my first dance with nature. Climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa was my first battle with nature in 2009. I prayed and cursed the whole way up (about five hours) and took the cable car down like a old person. I knew this trail would not be as challenging as Table Mountain, but I knew it would not be a cakewalk either. It took me out of my comfort zone of spending Federal Holidays, sleeping in late, going to brunch and ending the day shopping or going to get a mani/pedi. I thought to myself,  why should I complain about doing something different? Born and raised a City girl, in the Midwest, where its not a cliff or often a tall hill in sight, this activity was defiantly out of the norm for me!


We traveled to Great Falls, MD a little after sunrise to start our hike on the Billy Goat Trail! My boyfriends mother is almost 70 years old and she was down for the challenge when my boyfriend asked what trail we wanted to take, “Trail A is the hardest one to do”, she immediately said, “That’s the one I want to do!” I just said a prayer and was down for the ride! Although we did not complete the entire road of Trail A, we talked about five miles in total! Everyone we crossed paths with on the trail were very nice, often seemingly stocked to see people of color on the trail. It was a great day to be outdoors, breathing fresh air, getting a great workout all while bonding with my boyfriend and his mommy! This short day trip made me realize you can still have fun without spending money or centering your day around food!  Challenge yourself to #DOSOMETHINGDIFFERENT

IMG_6120Want to do something different, but don’t know where to start? Fresh Daily Inc. has started a Black Girls Do series that is aimed at organizing events around activities that we don’t “typically” see people of color participating in. The next event is in August and they are going canoeing! Sign Up Black Girls Do Canoe to get on the waitlist for the event! It is sure to be a fun day out on the Potomac! For more info on upcoming events follow @freshdailyinc on instagram!

What are some ways you are trying something different? Comment below and share with our readers!

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