Avoid the Summer Brain Drain! how to stay on your A-Game at Work this Summer!

vacation timeSo it’s the height of the summer and in my the office each day cubicles are empty and out of office messages are popping up on emails. I have to be honest, it’s hard to stay focused in the workplace when everyone is talking about their upcoming tropical vacations and reunions with family and friends! Summer is the best time to refocus on your priorities and goals for your personal and professional life, so that you can finish the year strong.

working togetherTake time out this Summer to advance your knowledge or skills in a particular area, learn more about the organization you work for or even get involved in special projects on your current team! Check out articles from Cheat Sheet.com,  Five Ways to get out the Summer Slump and The Muse 45 Free Career Advancing Courses to get more ideas on how you can increase your skills to put you at the top of the “class” when the rest of your team returns from the Vacations of their Dreams!

Remember the most successful people GRIND YEAR AROUND!

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