Wearing White Well- 3 Tips to Wear White the Right Way!

Wearing White Well

I must tell you that I was never the biggest fan of wearing white! I am a messy eater and I always struggle with keeping anything white clean! As we enter the height of the Summer, white is a favorite color for many women and I want to give 3 tips on How to Wear White the Right Way!

1. Fit and Fabric! This is the most important part of wearing white! When selecting items in the store, understand where you will  be wearing your white wear! Linen works for work and play, but understand that linen MUST be ironed before each wear and wrinkles very easily. Many times it is Dry Clean Only, so buyer beware. You know of course anything with Lycra or Spandex will be a more fitted than cotton, with these fabrics I caution you to make good choices, these fabrics pick up every bump, dent and roll. You may want to go a size up so that the fit is flattering.

2. Underwear! I think this may be a equally important as the fit and fabric. Ladies please, please wear the correct underwear when wearing white! Nude/Flesh underwear is a must! There is a new clothing line, Nubian Skin that caters to women of color and our array of shades, Flesh Tone Underwear for Women of Color I always suggest wearing Spanx to assist in controlling and smoothing out your legs. In some cases, you may want to wear a thong or a type of no-show panties. Overall, your underwear selection will be connected to how your pants fit! The more fitted the pant, the more control you will need.

3. Styling your Outfit! White is a chic color for the summer and everyone is wearing it! You can style it for work, pairing it with a nice blazer and mid-sized heel. Styling it for play? Pairing it with a loose fitted tunic top or denim shirt that hits at the hip or below will be most flattering for curvy girls. Styling it for Date Night? Be daring by pairing high rise or mid rise white jeans with a flowy crop top or bandeau top and add a floral duster to top off the look. Consider peplum shirts that can work for day or night!

Bottom line, however you wear white this 4th of July Weekend, rock it with CONFIDENCE! Nothing is more beautiful than a women who is happy and confident about who she is AND what she is wearing!
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