It’s All About Your MINDSET! What are YOU telling yourself about your DREAMS!

#WorkingWomen It’s All About Your MINDSET! What are you telling yourself each and everyday? Are you playing negative tapes in your head? Or are you waking up each day, grateful for life, believing that you can conquer the world? If you only focus on the negative things in your life you will be ignoring all the good things that are going on around you!

mindset quoteIf you listen to any SUCCESSFUL person in history, they will credit their success in some way the importance of keeping a positive mindset. I felt compelled to write this post because for the last month or so, I have attended several meetings on developing your business and self empowerment, they have all highlighted the importance of positive thinking and what you can achieve personally as well as professionally with a positive mindset.

I am a member of Meeting of the Mind Young Women Entrepreneurs, the group meeting in May also focused on the POWER of developing a positive  mindset. Joan Henry, a D.C. Area female entrepreneur spoke to our group about this important topic. The following points really resonated with me and I really wanted to share them with my readers!

mindset picture

Be open to other ways of thinking! Don’t be afraid to learn something new. The more you learn, the more you can understand the world around you, get OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

You are not your fear!  Don’t be afraid to take risks. I have learned that we are our own worst critics. You have to change your mindset to believe you can do whatever you want, playing negative tapes in your mind will NOT help you achieve your goals.

Walk in Your Purpose! Be confident in what you can offer the world! Understand that you are a work in progress and do not compare yourself to others!

It’s the POWER of attraction, positive thinking will attract positive things into your life! 

Share with us below how you develop your positive mindset!

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