In Bloom… Spring Office Chic Collection

Spring is FINALLY Here! We had a rough winter here in Washington DC and I just could not wait for the Spring to arrive. Last week, there was a couple days of 70 degree days, so I thought it would be great to share some ideas on Spring Work Wear. It’s time for the flowers to bloom and so should you!

Some tips for transitioning into the Spring..

1. It’s usually still cold in the morning, find a neutral colored trench coat or sweater to get you through the chilly morning commute.

2. Invest in a good umbrella and rain boots!  April Showers bring May flowers, don’t get caught in the rain without these two items!

3. Take a look at items in your closet! SPRING CLEANING. Look for those items that can be worn year around, review the items you wore last spring. Do they still fit? If not, send them on to Good Will or if they are in good condition, you may want to sell them to a consignment shop or clothing exchange. Lastly, make a list of items you would like to purchase for the season.

4. Whatever you decide to purchase, comparison shop and be willing to look in stores that you may not shop in regularly. For example, JcPenny’s. My mother loved to get my school uniforms from there back in the 90’s. They are still a great source for durable and affordable fashion!  They have a vast career wear selection for both misses and plus size. They have the most amazing sales on Saturday mornings! I have purchased pants and skirts for $20! Give them you email address for more coupons and saving!

5. Start integrating more pops of color into your wardrobe- It’s Spring and the sun is shinning! You can still wear dark colors, just pair them with color!


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Have questions about Spring Fashion? Whats the new “color” what looks are trendy this season?

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