What is policy and fashion? An Introduction to Me.

Ever since I could remember, I always had a purse in tow and begged my aunt to put red lipstick on my lips. I consider myself a natural born shopper, spending endless days at the mall shopping with my grandmother. My hometown of Detroit, Michigan has taught me to take pride in what I wear each day.       tumblr_mrcbwzqlVP1rhjl3no1_500

I am a firm believer that the clothing you wear has power. When I have on an outfit that looks great on my curves and I feel comfortable in, I am more confident at work!

This blog will cover three points of interest: Clothes, Careers and Culture.

Clothes- It is hard for girls with curves to find fashion forward clothes that are appropriate for the workplace. I will highlight some of my own work outfits and other great finds I find online. Because your clothes have POWER, it is essential that your outfits are on point each day!

Careers– I have learned some valuable lessons in the work world so far, from working as a classroom teacher to currently working in local government. This blog will give me a platform to discuss my personal career experience, as well as addressing the challenges women face in the workplace that often make us feel uncomfortable. You will walk with me as I start my journey to reach my goals of becoming a professor, entrepreneur and founder of a non-profit.

Culture- I will be giving my two cents on current events that are relevant to women, people of color, young professionals and local news in the Washington, D.C. area.

policy and fashion, sharing wisdom in the management of your fashion affairs…IMG_3573

Having a fashion dilemma or wardrobe malfunction? Let me know and we can solve it together. Email me at policyandfashion@gmail.com

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Doctor of Education, Educational Professional, Style and Fashion Blogger.

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