Curves + Confidence with SheIn

Summer is in full swing and I am in love with the long days of sunshine and endless festivals around town!


Fashion in the summer is so tricky for the curvy girl! I tried all crop tops from for the month of June and I realized how POWERFUL stepping out of my comfort zone could be!


I chose the SheIn Floral Print Knot Back Wrap Top and Wide Leg Pant Set (Search ID:445671)in a size 1XL and paired it with my favorite pair of Blue Feather earrings, the classic flip-flop sandal, and denim jacket. It is the perfect look that you can dress up or down, pairing with slide in sandals or heels! You can wear it on your next island vacation or out to brunch with friends!


When taking photos for this look, so many people stopped me to stay how cute I looked and how I seemed so confident! It’s just a common misconception that just because someone is curvy means that they NOT confident! This is far from the truth, I know so many AMAZING CONFIDENT AND CURVY LADIES!



If you struggle with confidence in ANY area of your life see three tips for boosting your confidence every day!

  1. STOP NEGATIVE SELF-TALK- I realized how often I was mean to myself throughout the day- saying I hate my life, I can’t do this, Who do I think I am? etc. All these things stop you from making progress. If you don’t believe in you who will?
  2. DAILY AFFIRMATIONS- Whether it is a bible verse or an inspiring quote, they both will help you feel happier and change your mindset to have a more positive, outlook on things and make you feel EMPOWERED!
  3. FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! Sometimes you will be scared or unsure, but put on that game face, hype yourself up and make it look like you have it together!

So happy for my partnership with because I have got the chance to SLAY all SUMMER wearing the look for LESS! Love this look? Use policy20 at checkout for 20% off all PLUS SIZE orders over $59.


Remember to SLAY EACH DAY!




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