One Key to Slaying your 2018 Goals! #BossedUpBootcamp

New Year. Find New Ways to Slay Your Goals.

In 2018, I want to talk to more about CAREERS and FASHION!

Feeling great about how you look and dressing the part is only part of the game! You must discover your PURPOSE, know how to BALANCE life and career without BURNING OUT! (READ MORE FOR SPECIAL SURPRISE!)


This time last year I was stuck. I had lost motivation and was unsure about my goals. (Cues Bossed Up). I attended the Bossed Up Boot Camp in Washington DC! I went to a Power Hour in early 2016 to learn more about the organization, I met several focused, successful, and career-minded women. Many attendees found comfort in space Bossed Up provides to openly share their challenges they faced in the workplace and collaborate with other women to find ways to better navigate their careers.

When I saw a post for the Bootcamp coming to DC in January of 2017… I decided it was time to invest in myself!


Bossed Up Bootcamp took this empowerment feeling to the next level! This 2-day experience challenges and inspires you to become your BEST self, in ALL areas of life! Over two days you are…tackling your personal mindset, learning how to grow your career to get PAID what you DESERVE, developing and maintaining healthy relationships, as well as leveling up on your finances. (Last year after the boot camp, I started contributing to my 401k, after 4 years of working at my job and paid down some MAJOR credit card debt from college)

The Bossed Up Bootcamp took me to the next level on my 9 to 5 job and helped me gain clarity in my passion project and side hustle, Policy and Fashion.

Bossed Up began a Train the Trainer program in 2017 and I am now a member of an AMAZING team of other experts in a variety of fields, led my Emilie herself!

2018 is already surpassing my WILDEST DREAMS………………………………..

Policy &Fashion Logo Choices

In February 2018,  Bossed Up Bootcamp will be back in Washington D.C, BETTER THAN EVER because… (drum roll, please……) the Power Hour on Saturday is sponsored by POLICY AND FASHION! I will be leading a fashion presentation, providing styling tips on how to Own Your Power in the Workplace with Style! ONE lucky lady will win a styling consultation with me!

I would love to have you as my guest to experience Bossed Up Bootcamp! Go to to register and enter code TIFFANY at checkout to receive 20% off your registration! I hope to see you there!(one-time payment only, discount can be used at any Bossed Up Bootcamp for 2018)

Click to learn more about Bossed Up!

Live your BEST life in STYLE!



One thought on “One Key to Slaying your 2018 Goals! #BossedUpBootcamp

  1. This sounds like an amazing event. Who ever wins the style package will be so lucky and pleased. I can’t wait to see the pictures


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