The Bold and the Beautiful. The FIVE types of Dresses you MUST have in your wardrobe!

The Bold and the Beautiful


Spring has sprung in D.C. and I just cannot wait to  pull out those BOLD colors and put a end to the dark colors and thick tights!
If you are looking to spruce up your wardrobe in time for the season change, consider picking up the following types of dresses!

1. Fit and Flare

It is THEE MOST flattering style for any body type. These dresses in bold colors or prints can make a BIG statement in the workplace.

2. The Shirt Dress

This style is easy breezy. Just make sure that you have a tie or belt to define your waist. Make sure it fits, not too tight so you don’t have to worry about buttons not closing and opening up at the WRONG time.

3. The Wrap Dress

Also a very easy to wear style, wardrobe staple for many shapes and sizes! Make sure you watch the neckline. Wear a cami to make sure that your cleavage is covered. At work,  you want to be looked at for your work, not your body.

4. The Color Block Dress

COLOR IS ON TREND! wear prints and BOLD colors. Depending on the line and colors, these dresses can often have you look slimmer and define your figure.

5. The Sheath Dress

I love this style for work! With a blazer, it can become your POWER outfit! Be mindful of the length of the dress and do not be afraid to wear shapewear so that you can maintain a smooth shape and look in this dress.
I hope this list helps when you are shopping for your new Spring dresses to add to your collection!
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