#BrownGirlsLovePOWER Event- A Day of Women Empowerment

wpid-wp-1441168723314At the start of the New Year, I vowed to myself that I would BE FEARLESS, take more risks and do more that I want to do for my brand and blog! One of my goals this year is host an event. What I realize is that in order to plan a GREAT event, I need to attend MORE events.

I had the pleasure of attending Brown Girls Love Power Day Event in New York City! I took the train up to NYC and spent the day meeting and connecting with so many amazing women! IMG_9355

The event had three sessions of workshops around the themes of Learn, Observe and Visualize. I had the privilege of attending the workshop with the creator of Brown Girls Love, Ms. Christina Brown on how to turn your education and experience into your dream job. This workshop helped me to realize that my dream job is possible if I continue to do what I love, in my full-time job and even being consistent with this blog!

I attended two other workshops on financial planning and goal setting for personal and professional life as well as creating an emotional brand for my business. I even had the chance to create a vision board for what I want to see on PolicyandFashion.com!IMG_9356

This event allowed me hear the stories of other millennial visionary women who are POWERFUL and PASSIONATE about their dreams. I felt even more inspired about my future and met a couple of ladies who share similar visions! We plan to collaborate on some events in the future! Oh I forgot to add how gorgeous and WELL planned the event  was! The venue, OFFSITE was AMAZING!  Christina did an amazing job on planning this event and finding speakers that her audience related to so well.

By the end of the afternoon, I saw so many women in tears, tears of joy, in comfort knowing that they are not alone and there is a whole tribe of POWERFUL women who may have similar experiences and are destined for greatness!

Enjoy more of my pics from the event below and check out Christina’s blog at browngirlslove.com


Me and the Creator of Brown Girls Love, Christina Brown


Every GREAT event needs a photographer! My head shot with taken with an AMAZING ring light!



I won a t-shirt for sharing my pics on IG throughout the day!


My Outfit for the Day! I was going for classic and chic 🙂

Shirt: Forever 21 (old) find similar here

Pants: Old Navy find here

Necklace: Fashion to Figure (old) find similar here

Shoes: BCBG find similar here 

Watch: Michael Kors find here

Lipstick: Sephora find here 

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