Sick and Tired of New Years Resolutions? Pick one Word to Define 2016!



In my life I see SO many things that I want to change. I could make a list of about 20 + things I would like to do BETTER in 2016. I am sure you feel the same way. This year I am simplifying it all into ONE word.


Most of the things that need to be changed in my life is because I am afraid to do one thing or another. I am tired of living parts of my life in fear or asking myself what if I fail?

in 2016 i’m more like, who gon stop me?! (in my Kanye and Jay-z voice) 🙂

Think of one word to define your 2016!

Levo League has some great ideas to get you started. I picked out some of my favorite words to share with you all!

p.s. if you are not following Levo League, you should be! They have great content on careers, leadership and self-development

The team at Levo shared their 2016 Words of the Year to get you started. Get inspired and tweet yours to Levo with the hashtag #WordofTheYear!

Authenticity. “Continue to learn more about yourself and align your life and leadership with your true self—that is what living in your truth is and where your greatest energy emanates from.” —Caroline Ghosn, founder and CEO

Create. “I’m making 2016 the year I bring my ideas to life and I cannot wait!” —Jenny Groza, senior producer

Connect. “Because it is the key to it all—career, family, friends.” —Shannon King, chief operating officer

Devoted. “In the past year I’ve done a lot of work on figuring out how I want to show up in the world—with my career, my energy, and my relationships. 2016 is the year I root deeply into all those desires and commit myself to creating that magic in my life. Epic devotion.” —Maxie McCoy, curriculum and talent consultant

Endurance. “I’d like to have better endurance when it comes to both my personal and professional lives. It’s important to endure the ups and downs of life and to remain positive. I have a tendency to get discouraged quickly when faced with obstacles, which causes stress. But by redirecting my energy on enduring and weathering situations, I’ll be able to see them through to the other side. Solutions don’t always appear in my time, but in God’s time and according to His plan. I have to endure until a resolution, the right resolution, presents itself and I’m able to take the right step.” —Amy Elisa Jackson, director of partnerships & social

Focus. “I selected this word because I want to focus on what’s important to me in 2016. My goal is to try and cut out the other noise and really focus on my goals in both my personal and professional life.” —Ellen Lorenzo-Rojas, senior director of business development

Gratitude. “I’ve read several articles lately about how you can physically rewire your brain to create more happiness for yourself, and the main way to do this is by approaching all situations with gratitude and positivity. As someone who is a bit high strung and a-type, I have a tendency to get unnecessarily worked up about things – and I have a feeling this is just a result of years of practicing that behavior! My goal for 2016 is to find gratitude in all situations, which will hopefully lead to my most happy, productive year yet!” —Lexie Mitchell, director, Local Levo

Hard work. [two words, still counts!] “Recently I realized that I’ve spent my whole life trying to make a dream work for me, when really I should be working for that dream. 2016 is the year of working hard to reach the goals I formerly disregarded because I thought they were unattainable.” —Jille Natalino, marketing designer

Hopeful. “Knowing that there is hope can really get you through anything, and that’s the attitude I want to bring with me into 2016.” —Erica Murphy, editor, career advice

Opportunity. “Last year was a big year of transitions for me—graduating college, moving to NYC, and settling into my first job, apartment, etc. I look forward to the next year as the chance for me to dig deeper into myself—to seek out and make the most of the opportunities that surround me. I want to enter the new year with the mindset that opportunity may be around me, but that it’s up for me to make the most of it.” —Emily Drewry, marketing associate

Patience. “I’m impatient with myself. When I cant figure something out, when I take longer than expected, when I cant find the right words to express a thought, when i cant muster the courage to do something…my impatience drives me away from embracing moments for what they are. To myself: Be patient, take your time and let go.” —Zainab Ebrahimi, front-end web developer

Preparedness. “2015 was a big year of change—our family grew and I took on a new job, among other things. It felt like the scope of my life work more than doubled in size and I have finally realized that there is no balance or managing or control—it’s a day-to-day adventure. So in 2016, I am committed to not trying to manage or balance—I’m aiming to enjoy myself. And I’ve found, the best way to enjoy an adventure rather than be overwhelmed, is to have a plan for the things you know are coming—whether it’s the inevitable stomach bug at home, our annual campaigns at work, or even just the nights we know we’re not going to want to follow our meal plan.” —Julia Gilfillan, VP, member development

Reflective. “It seems like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. But what really should be prioritized and what can I stop doing to free up some time? That’s what I will be asking myself this year.” —Kathleen Harris, VP, content development

Sharpen. “It’s a reference to the classic ‘Sharpen your saw’ story. I’m sharpening my skills, both professionally (learning ways to be more productive) and personally (learning faster/better cooking techniques).” —David Butler, director of software engineering


Portions of this post is from Levo League, What Word will define your 2016?

So now that you got some ideas for word of the year, what word have you chosen to define your 2016? Share with us below!

The Policy and Fashion team wishes you a fabulous, fashionable and successful 2016!


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