Trendy Travel Tips

Flying Fashionably
So travel season is here and I want to share my wisdom in the area of traveling with style! I am taking a trip to Jamaica with my boyfriend later this month and in preparation for my trip, I will be sharing travel tips throughout the entire month!

 Quick Tips on how to be fashionable while traveling!
1. Comfortable Clothes
Whether you see yourself as the Chic or Sporty traveler, you have to make sure that your outfit is comfortable and suitable for all day travel. I love to travel in skirts or dresses (its easier to use the bathroom on the plane) that are not constricting in any way. You should plan your travel outfit, just like you plan the rest of your outfits for the trip!

2. Comfortable Shoes
I prefer slip on or slide in shoes while traveling. They are easier to take off in the TSA line! Comfort is key for shoes. You will have them on all day and comfy ones will support you even it your feet swell a little while on the plane.

3. A Scarf
I get cold very easily, so I often need a scarf wherever I go. The plane can get cold while traveling. I cover my face/mouth with the scarf while I sleep (to protect from germs and I sleep with my mouth open from time to time) 🙂

4. Sunglasses
I usually book early flights and I may not put on my make up until I arrive at my destination. As a result, I keep my sunglasses on the entire time at the airport. I don’t want people to see me without my face on or looking terribly tired!

5. Hat
Pretty much the same reason behind sunglasses. When I wear my natural hair, I may have it braided or pinned up until I arrive at my destination. I can’t have my hair cap/scarf out so I wear a hat!

6. Bag 
My personal bag means the world to me! Depending on the trip it may have my laptop and school books inside or just my iPad or a magazine. Either way I carry a bag on the plane with me that is large enough to hold my scarf, entertainment items, snacks, important travel documents and my wallet inside. I recommend you choose a bag that has zippers and some type of structure to it to prevent from everything falling to the bottom. In addition, select a bag with a strap or a book bag  to ensure your hands are free to carry your luggage or other items.

Policy and Fashion wants to wish you a fun, fashionable and safe summer!
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Do you have any travel tips that you would like to share with our readers? If so, comment below!

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