Do I REALLY Need This? 6 Questions You MUST ask yourself while Shopping!

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Saturday’s and Sunday’s have always been reserved for my favorite pastime, SHOPPING! It’s BIG sales at the mall and online almost every weekend as we enter the height of vacation season. I want to share with you the TOP 6 questions you need to ask yourself before you buy that “must-have” item. This list was derived from Who What Wear, but I put a spin on some of the points and sharing my wisdom as a curvy girl who LOVES to SHOP!

1. Are you buying this because its on sale?  We all fall in this trap.. One of my friends loves to buy things on clearance! It doesn’t matter if it maybe a little too big or small, she feels the pressure to buy, just because its 75% off of the regular price! We all love a sale, but please be practical!

2. When you try it on, Does it fit? Like right now?!?! Are you COMFORTABLE in it?fitting room  As a curvy girl that vows each year to loose a couple of pounds, I find myself saying “Its so cute, I will workout more and be able to fit it!”-Let me be honest, buying things with those intentions will waste your money every time. Those items end up hanging in the closet unworn or in the give-away bag with the tag still on it!

Shopping Tip: You should be trying on every item you buy in the store, especially for the curvy girls! You CANNOT imagine how an item will fit you! It may be too short or too long or just ill-fitting. If you don’t have the time to try on the clothes, you don’t have time to shop! Go back to the Mall another day. 

designerlabels3. Am I buying this just because its a Name Brand? This question is critical. Friends and Family weekend at Macy’s and Bloomingdales can be VERY hard for me! I feel this pressure to find something to buy just because this is the ONLY time big name brands like Michael Kors, Furla, Kate Spade and Vince Camuto will go on sale. Do a self-check, ask yourself do you really like the item or do I only like it because I want the recognition from others when they see me with the latest designer bag?

Buy one get one sign

4. Am I buying this because it is a part of a “DEAL”! We all know about those Buy one Get one  50% off sales. People tend to make the worst decisions during these sales. You may have three items and the sales person convinces you to buy a fourth item to get it 50% off. It sounds nice, but you usually end up spending MORE money and if you pick up something randomly in the store to get the discount, it is probably something that will not fit or you regret buying once you get home.

Shopping Tip: I leave all my new purchases in their original bags on a special seat in my house. They are not automatically added to my closet, even though I bought the item from the store, they are in a trial phase. You may try on something in the store and it looks good, but get home and change your mind or realize it does not match as well with your wardrobe as you thought. 

5. Does the item work with your CURRENT wardrobe? Do you have anything to match it? This can make or break a purchase for me. There are a million things in the store that may be “cute” but you need a whole outfit to go outside. If you cannot think of shoes you have already to match the dress you want to purchase or a shirt that you could wear with the pants you are trying to buy, don’t buy it. It’s a waste of money. It will sit in your closet and you look at it every so often to try to wear it, only to realize that you have nothing to go with it.

6. Do Not Try to RATIONALIZE your purchase! Because I love shopping so much, I sometimes find myself in unintentional shopping mode. As a result, sometimes I can’t even trust myself in Target, I go in to buy soap and come out with dresses and earrings! Point Blank, If you cannot afford to shop, don’t. Do not lie to yourself or be in denial about spending your own money. This is something I had to learn the hard way. When I got my first job, I would eat the same thing for a week just to buy a purse or some shoes. That’s Just NOT Cool. If you like name brands, visit Marshalls, TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack, they have all of the designers and you can get the LOOK for LESS. Side Note: most Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores have layaway, get what you want and pay on it for a month, its a win-win for YOU and YOUR BUDGET! lady with money

Last Shopping Tip: Prioritize what you really need in your Wardrobe. If you really need nice clothes for work, you should not be investing hundreds into six inch heels for the club! Because you are at work more than at the club, invest your dollars in nice work appropriate shoes. Check out websites like and for your club/vacation shoes, most shoes are only $39.95, within budget and stylish at the same time. 

Do you have any shopping tips you want to share? Comment below and Let us know!

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