Be a Jeanius! Denim Rundown- 4 Styles of Denim, Endless ways to Wear Them!

Be a Jeanius! Denim Your Way
Gotta love DENIM! It’s all over the magazines this month Essence, People Style Watch and Glamour.  I had to do a style post with the different fits of denim. I have included a  list below on how to wear each type/fit of denim and ideas on how you can rock it from day to night! ROCK denim your way! Be a Jeanius! Read on for our Denim Rundown!

With any style of jeans you just have to make sure they really fit!
We know about those jeans that we have to wiggle and hold our breath to get into… we really should let those jeans…. go…
I like to have jeans that are able to hold in my tummy and my stomach is not rolling over the top of them. So for me, mid rise works, I know that my.. crack won’t be out and the fullest part of my stomach will be contained. Curvy girls have issues with making sure our backside is actually..inside our pants.

What is great is that so many retailers are diversifying their denim collections and thinking about some of the curvy girl struggles. In the coming weeks, I will talk about what retailers, in store and online have the BEST options for the CURVY GIRL.

How and Where to wear Boyfriend, Skinny, Bootcut and Flare Jeans 
boyfriend jean with sneakerBoyfriend– I have a love/hate relationship with the boyfriend jean. It can be great with the right shoes and overall look. I see the boyfriend fit great for the weekends, casual running errands. Perfect with a classic White T or a great crop top. Love the distressed denim the most in this style. Summer is my fav time of year to rock these! Pair them with your Converse All-Star or Keds sneakers or dress them up with your most stylish heels, pointy toe or sexy high heel sandals.

skinny jeansSkinny– So skinny jeans can be a gift and a curse. They are great to show off your curves, but they also have can make you look a little “stuffed”. I usually like to have skinny jeans in two sizes. One size that is a little tighter, great for date night with a great pair of high-heels. The other size one size up. The waist is not tight and I could rock them with a great crop top with out the fear of a little roll popping out or I know I can move more comfortably in. I embrace my curves everyday, but my ultimate goal is to look GREAT in my clothes each and everyday. I have skinny jeans in every color and print. I have a vast skinny jeans collection, because they can work year around. In the winter they can fit inside your boots perfectly and in the Summer/Spring they pair well with sandals and flats. In the Summer, I love wearing my more LOOSER fitting skinny jeans to the office with a great blazer and pointy toe flats. I kill two birds with one stone, professional and chic and I can transition smoothly into Happy Hour! 🙂

bootcut jeanBootcut– I feel like people don’t give the bootcut fit a fair shot. They are often termed as the “Mom” jean. I like to wear the bootcut jean with a mid to high heel. It elongates your legs and you often look slimmer! I wore these a lot when I worked in the non-profit sector and could wear jeans EVERYDAY if I wanted! I often wore bootcut jeans on the “important” days where I needed to dress up a bit. The bootcut jean can look very polished quite easily. Rock it with a crisp white blouse or a cardigan and tank with a statement necklace and you will steal the show! It’s the Dress Up jean! I prefer the darker washes in this style.

flare jeanFlare– Since this year seems to be a blast from the past in so many of the trends, the flare jean is back in the stores. I will say that I do not have a vast amount of flare jeans in my closet. They are a speciality type of denim for me, they fit only a small amount of occasions for me. Since the bottom is so covered. It gives me the green light to be more spicy on top! I LOVE high-rise flare, I pair them with my highest platform shoes and a daring crop top. Great for brunch and casual dinners. They also can elongate your legs since you have on high heels. Flare denim and flats never work for me! I am 5’3 and they just drag the floor. Who wants to walk on the bottom of their pants? If you don’t want to wear heels and you are on the shorter side, flare is NOT the way to go. You actually may look larger than you are, in my opinion.

I hope my RUNDOWN ON DENIM gives you great ideas on how to wear denim for your body type and what fit works for day or night! Comment below about your fav fit of denim and how you wear it best! Sharing is Caring!

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One thought on “Be a Jeanius! Denim Rundown- 4 Styles of Denim, Endless ways to Wear Them!

  1. I used to love trouser jeans which I guess fit in the bootcut category? My husband calls them mom jeans too lol I gave up on jeans a couple years ago but I just purchased the rockstar mid rise skinny per your recommendation!


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